The word conflux is a synonym (and in our opinion, a much cooler word) for confluence, with Latin roots that translate to “flow together”; most commonly used to describe the place where multiple rivers converge.


The most famous confluence in St. Louis is where the Missouri River joins the Mississippi, and for good reason. The confluence of these two rivers launched the Lewis & Clark expedition, provided the infrastructure to make St. Louis the Gateway to the West, and heck, it’s even in the design of our city flag…but here, we’ve got some big ambitions of our own.


(queue majestic music as the camera pans up over the beautiful river scenery) 


To make another Mississippi confluence as famous and well known.


Near where the Mighty Mississippi meets the Scenic River Des Peres (ok, it’s not a real river or scenic at all, but stick with me here), you will find The Conflux.


(end majestic music)


Things about rivers we are pretty confident about:

  • You never step in the same river twice. They are ever changing. 
  • Rivers become inextricably linked just downstream from their confluence.
  • You are not a river…but there sure are a lot of metaphorical similarities here, right?!?


This is why The Conflux is the place where you can meet—nay, converge—with other manufacturing supply chain leaders just like you. Where you can flow together and become inextricably linked through connections and content; from mutual sharing of knowledge and experiences you’ll be able to better navigate the next phase of growth through leadership and innovation for your company and the challenges and opportunities you will face.


Missouri & Mississippi >>> River Des Peres & Mississippi


Confluence >>> The Conflux


Sure seems like destiny to me. 🙂

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