At goBRANDgo! we work with mid-market companies in the manufacturing supply chain. One of the things we see is that, to invoke Michael Gerber’s E-Myth, their leaders are great at working in their business but, well, not quite as great at working on their business. 


Make their product better, make their machines run faster? Absolutely amazing. 

Make the machine of the business run more effectively and efficiently? Not as much. 


This is actually something I’ve seen my whole life.


You see, I grew up on a 5th generation dairy farm, where my dad and his 3 brothers put on their boots at 5:30am and took them off at 7:30pm (if they were lucky) 28 days a month. One thing I know for sure is that my dad was not walking around the farm stroking his mustache (and let me tell ya, he’s got an impressive one) asking himself, “How can I make the farm run better?” I can promise you, he wasn’t thinking about culture, strategic planning, succession planning, or other things like that. Every day, he was doing the best he could do to get through the ever growing pile of things in front of him…and it was often manure (literally and metaphorically).


We’ve noticed most manufacturers are cut from the same exact cloth. They are people who put on their boots day after day, year after year, doing their absolute best to work hard and provide for their families, employees, and communities. 


But we’ve also noticed something else. Something magical.


When we get a few of our manufacturing clients in the same room, the energy in the room explodes and time stands still. 

The conversations being had…the experiences being shared…the ideas being generated…it truly is magical. Like Disney World for a 5-year-old magical.


We’ve seen several joint ventures launched, new product lines inspired, new vendor-partner relationships formed, and referrals within each other’s supply chain given. And when we saw this magic consistently happening, we wondered:

  • What would be the impact on manufacturers and those they serve if this was done at scale?
  • What would happen if there was a place where these leaders could meet and collaborate with their peers on leadership and innovation?
  • What would it look like if Cheers and Starbucks had a baby?


Welcome to The Conflux. The country’s first co-learning space created specifically for the manufacturing supply chain.


Our goal: to be the center of innovation in North America for the manufacturing supply chain. Where forward-thinking leaders gather to co-create tomorrow, today. Where we can collectively re-establish our footing and lead the way in this hyper-competitive global economy. Where knowledge and experiences are shared, creating the next phase of growth for companies and the communities they serve. 


Welcome to The Conflux.

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