Why Join?

You are proud of the business you’ve built (and you should be) and want to see it continue to grow. You’re not necessarily driven by legacy, but you do want to leave things better than you found them.

Who Are Conflux Members?

Growth-minded leaders of manufacturing/distribution companies who are:

  • Looking for the best way to grow in an ever-changing business landscape
  • Starting to see the tried and true ways that used to work all the time, now just work some of the time
  • Currently finding the best conversations and insights from industry tradeshows/events
  • Seeing your sales process/channels changing because of technology, private equity firms, and/or procurement departments
  • Beginning to think about succession planning and grooming the next generation of leaders (whether family or professional)
Membership Benefits

By curating the right content and the right connections we help our members create the space they need to work on their business with the same ingenuity and passion they have for working inside their business. 

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Membership Tiers

Conflux is not one-size-fits-all. We designed three membership tiers to fit organizations of varying sizes with varying growth goals. 

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