If you walk into our office on a Monday morning at 8:30am, you will find our entire team congregating for one of the most important meetings in our company. Where our values, culture, and purpose are consistently expressed, reinforced, and cemented. Where we share our stories and where we often laugh until we cry. Where the soul of our company emanates. All this power, all this impact, all from a simple stack of Post-It notes.


Every week, we have our Monday Morning Huddle. After we report our KPI and Financials on the board, each person writes down 3-5 personal or professional wins from the previous week on a post-it note, shares it with the team, and then adds it to the rainbow of post-it note colors of our Wins Board in the office. 


It’s been a mainstay for us for a decade because of 3 powerful reasons:

  1. The fires always steal the headlines and are easily remembered but the wins often fade quickly into the background. By pausing for a few minutes to look back at the week that was for the good things that happened, we all get reminded how many positive things actually did go on. Often a win is followed by a “that was last week?!? I forgot about that” comment from the team. I’m also a big believer in that you get more of what you look for, and by looking for wins, you psychologically create more of them. 
  2. It does a great job at reinforcing our team-based culture of giving credit versus taking credit, as a lot of the wins are “hey, you did a great job on this” or “thanks for your help on that”. You don’t have to walk around beating your chest saying “look what I did” because more likely than not, you are going to get recognized on Monday for your great work. 
  3. Finally, it’s just a really great way to start the week. By starting first thing Monday morning focusing on the good things, by having some belly laughs, and showing appreciation and gratitude, all of our energy at starts out on the right foot. It’s so important to kicking off the week right that when a Monday is a holiday and the office is closed, the team has requested we move our huddle to Tuesday morning. How often do employees ask for more meetings? It’s that important to our team. 


What traditions are you doing to consistently reinforce the culture, values, and mindset you want your team to embody. 

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