This month, we learned how to rethink crisis with Gabor George Burt and took some time to get centered with Gv Freeman

Gabor invited us to consider crisis and disruption as part of our processes instead of obstacles to them. His Slingshot mindset offers a new approach to finding pain points within our own companies and those of our partners and clients, the goal being to turn them into points of joy for all involved. Get immersed with Gabor and Brandon in the video below. 

Mindfulness can be a loaded word,” says Gv, so he shared some quick and practical centering exercises to get control and reframe our thoughts. He also expressed the importance of understanding why and how negative thoughts occur. While we can’t always change those thoughts, we can change our reaction to them. Check out the link below for 30 minutes of practical peace

As cities reevaluate stay-at-home Coronavirus orders, companies are reevaluating hiring plans for the future. Will you be able to attract the top talent? Join our next webinar Tuesday, May 12th with Sumeet Chahal of Culture Index to make sure you do. 

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